Our Beliefs


We believe in One God who exists eternally in Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.[1]


We believe that the eternal Son, Jesus, was sent by the Father to earth to live, that He was fully God and fully human, that He lived a sinless life, willingly died upon a cross, and resurrected three days later.  In so doing, the Son atoned for the sin of the world.[2]


We believe the Holy Spirit was sent by the Father and Son to convict the world if sin and to empower faith in all who believe in Christ Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is a Helper, Teacher, Guide, and Gifter who lives within every believer.[3]


We believe that Christ Jesus will return and there will be a final judgment.[4]


We believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word, that it is without error and is the supreme authority for all matters of faith and life, and is not to be added to or subtracted from.[5]


We believe all human beings were created in God’s image and valuable, equal in dignity and worth regardless of anything.[6]

We believe that sin separates humans from God.  All humans are sinners and need God’s intervention to be saved.[7]

We believe Christ died to save sinners.[8]

We believe every person who professes faith in Christ Jesus and repents of sin will be saved by God’s grace, be adopted as a child of God receive the promise of eternal life.[9]


We believe Christ Jesus is the Head of the Church and the authority over all believers, who are members of His Church.[10]

We believe that Christ calls His Church to be comprised of local congregations of believers (churches) who fellowship together, exercise the spiritual gifts, proclaim the Good News of salvation, and love the community.[11]

We believe that the Bible defines the structure and the roles of governance within the local congregation  in terms of qualifications for leadership, purpose of role differences,  as well as the exercising of church discipline.[12]

We believe that Christ instituted two ordinances to be administered by the local church: Communion and Baptism. Christian baptism is the immersion of the believer in water into the name of the triune God.  Communion, the Lord's Supper, was instituted by Christ for the commemoration of His death, burial, and resurrection.  These two ordinances should be observed and administered until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.[13]


We believe that Christ Jesus will return visibly and physically as Judge to rule, reign, and judge the living and the dead for a life lived either in faith or in rebellion.[14]


We believe no one will be able to predict when Jesus will return and when the end will be; however, there will be accompanying signs indicating that the time is at hand.[15]


We believe that the end of all things, there will be a Judgment Day appointed by God when time will come to its intended completion, when the saints will be resurrected in perfected, glorified bodies to spend all eternity glorifying God in His presence on the New Earth, while all those who are faithless to God will be thrown into the fiery lake to be separated from God and all that it entails.[16]

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